Quartz Carpet

A resilient and slip resistant floor covering, Quartz Carpet™ combines natural quartz granules with an epoxy resin and finished with various textures. Quartz Carpet™ is the result of more than 25 years of product development.

Range of effects

The unique Quartz Carpet™ coating system of quartz granules ensures uniform colour. You can choose from our standard colour range or customised colours. Applied at approximately 6mm thick you can create a seamless transition to your project in less than two days.

There are 20 standard colours in granule sizes ranging from 1-2mm to larger open pore 2-3mm.


Quartz Carpet™ can be installed over existing concrete, tiles and cementious sheeting, with virtually no limitations in design and application procedures. It can be applied in a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional.

Quartz Carpet™ is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet™

  • An almost infinite colour range (special colours upon request)

  • The visual appeal of a seamless surface

  • Durability and practicality in a high traffic, commercial locations

Quartz Carpet™ also offers a range of benefits, including:

  •   Anti slip texture

  •   Stain resistance

  •   25 year projected life

  •   Easy to maintain

  •   Natural beauty

  •   Totally seamless

Pore fillers

  • Pore Fill is an epoxy resin that is applied over the Quartz Carpet to fill the spaces in between the quartz granules creating a cleanable hygienic finish

  • The Pore Filler is available in a Gloss and Matte finish

  • Pore Fillers cannot be used externally


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