Pre Stain

Evolution Surfaces is the authorised installer of the globally recognised Pre Stain System. Pre-Stain is a environmentally safe water-based system. It is the combination of a liquid base and a colour additive. Pre-Stain System is sprayed (using a HVLP, High Volume Low Pressure spray gun) onto a vertical or horizontal concrete surface either internally or externally. The surface is then sealed with either a Penetrant or gloss sealer. The Pre-Stain colour etches to the surface of the concrete resulting in a translucent colour finish which allows the trowel marks, variation and natural movement of the concrete to be visible through the stain. Pre-Stain is not like a paint which is a solid colour that totally covers visibility of the substrate. Pre-Stain can be applied as a single colour or more then one colour can be layered to customize a unique colour.



The Pre Stain System creates a unique, UV resistant, matt or gloss concrete finish that is suitable for interior or exterior applications. It can be used in spaces that flow from inside to outside.


Range of effects

Combined with a range of staining and sealing applications, Pre Stain System creates a unique look. A contemporary colour palate ranges from muted tones to accent colours. All Pre Stain colours show natural tonal variations with a subtle translucency. It can be applied in various ways to give the desired look you are after.



The interior and exterior applications of the Pre Stain System is practically unlimited. Pre Stain can be applied to floors and walls. With the combination of X-Bond Pre Stain over joinery and furniture, a concrete look can be given where a precast concrete can be too heavy and costly.


Benefits of the Pre Stain system

  • The visual translucent effect over concrete gives a natural look

  • The visual effect over concrete compared to painting

  • Low maintenance.

  • Cost effective


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