Permeable Paving

A resilient and slip resistant floor covering, Rock Pave™ combines natural river stone with our Rock Pave resin specially formulated to be UV stable in our harsh environment. It’s flexibility, durability and strength, are its unique capabilities.


Range of effects

The natural river stone gives uniformity to your application. You can choose from our standard colour range or customised colours. Applied at approximately 10mm thick, you can create a seamless transition to your project in less than two days. There are 40 standard colours in granule sizes ranging from 2-3mm, 4-6mm to larger stones. Further effect can be achieved by combining colours and introducing other materials such as Crystal Pave.



SuperStone™ can be installed over existing concrete, tiles, compacted crushed rock base and No Fines concrete, with virtually no limitations in design and application procedures. It can be applied in a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional. As a landscape solution Rock Pave is visually appealing.

Benefits of Super Stone™

  • As a permeable application, the limits are endless with Super Stone

  • The visual appeal of a seamless surface

  • Durability and practicality in high traffic areas and commercial locations

  • Rock Pave is a solution to your water drainage issues


Rock Pave also offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Totally seamless

  • Easy to maintain

  • Anti slip texture

  • Stain resistance

  • 26 year projected life

  • Natural beauty


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